What is a Shell Home?

What makes the Shell?

Shell Homes might feel like a recent phenomenon with a strange practice that doesn’t make sense, but you’d be quite surprised! After all, every house has to build the shell, but not every company can specialize in that process! Not unlike writing the outline of a paper, the Shell of a Home sets the structure and shape of the project, allowing you to see what your dream home looks like as soon as possible. With a shell home builder, we work hard to get you to that first step, and work with your electricians and plumbers to prepare for the next steps.

The advantages of a shell home builder is the control you have over the process. If you like to manage all your projects in steps, and want to have exactly the floors, walls, toilets and more that you want, splitting the internals and shell can save you a lot of headaches. With our focus on making sure you have a sealed space, you can take your time and work on getting the best deals inside. A breakdown of our services can be seen below, but feel free to ask us what else we can help you with, as we might have some recommendations for your location!

  • Foundation
    • Leveling where necessary
    • Concrete poured where the house and porches will be
  • Framing
    • Wood Verticals and Horizontals
    • The “Skeleton” of a house
  • Stud Walls
    • The Innermost wall frames
    • Not including dry wall
  • Subfloors
    • Plywood and OSB type panels that give support to your floors
  • Exterior Windows
    • Windows of your choice
  • Exterior Doors
    • Doors of your choice
  • Siding
    • The exterior wrap and panels that seal the walls
  • Roofing
    • The interior roofing that seals the house
    • The exterior tiles that protect the house

These are just a rough example of what you can expect, of course. Your house will be designed in partnership with our designers and architects to deliver the best house for you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!