Owners Message

In addition to Texas Country Charmers, Andy works hard to build beautiful wood barns through BarnsAcrossTexas.com, and supplying home designs and plans through EdwinHomes.com.


My name is Andy Crites  the founder of Texas Country Charmers, and I have been a Central Texas builder since 1973.  My wife, Joy, and I have been married 61+ years and raised 4 sons, 12 grand children and 3 great-grand children.  I have been blessed beyond measure in my family, friends and career.  And now, I want to help others accomplish their dreams of home ownership and a fuller life.

The struggles folks face today to achieve home ownership is harder than ever before. New home prices are so high many people have given up on their dreams.  A mortgage is the biggest debt most people will ever have, and a home is the most expensive purchase we will ever make.  Today, people are building smarter and more practical shell homes and finishing the inside themselves to save money.  Barns with living quarters, called barndominiums, are very popular because of their lower building cost.  Lets not forget, that property taxes continue to rise and many people are downsizing and moving to the country.  Some have realized that land is more important than a big house on a tiny lot.  Not only that, God stopped making land years ago.

With me, it’s possible to build a charming home without putting you in a financial bind. If you choose one of my affordable shell homes or barndominiums, you will save a substantial amount of money.  With a pioneer spirit, planning, and a little hard work, you can hire local subcontractors and finish the inside your way and on your schedule.  The money you will save will help secure your family for years to come!  Building your own home can be your most rewarding adventure!